Revolutionary AI-powered precision molecular design

QuanMol leads the way in next-generation small-molecule therapeutics discovery. Leveraging our AI-powered precision-design platform, we're revolutionizing the creation of innovative therapeutics and establishing new standards in in-silico drug discovery.

Platform-driven service world

Leaders in AI-powered molecular design

Quanmol Tech stands at the cutting edge of AI-powered small molecule discovery. We are focusing on the interaction of functional organic molecules with biomacromolecules and developing our proprietary QuanMol ReDefine platform, with the commitment to revolutionize the field with advanced platform technologies and interaction-based drug design (IBDD) as the new era of AI-driven small molecule precision design.


QuanMol offers a cutting-edge in-silico molecular discovery platform, designed to provide unparalleled solutions in the field of molecular design.

At QuanMol, we have developed a revolutionary in-silico discovery platform, QuanMol ReDefine, that utilizes a pioneering integration of physics-informed deep learning and state-of-the-art computational chemistry methods. This innovative approach enables us to provide unparalleled, out-of-the-box solutions for pharmaceutical development, allowing for faster and more accurate drug discovery and development. We have designed it to be user-friendly and accessible, making it easy for researchers and pharmaceutical companies to access and utilize the powerful tools it provides.With QuanMol ReDefine, we are bringing the future of molecular design within reach.


Accelerated molecular design

QuanMol Thinker

A revolutionary AI agent that empowers rational molecular design by providing unparalleled insights and decision-making capabilities.

QuanMol Unifier

A universal molecular representation platform that accurately predicts pharmaceutical properties, streamlining the drug development process.

QuanMol Navigator

A world-leading structure prediction engine for protein-ligand interactions, providing unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in identifying potential drug targets.

These products are the result of years of research and development, and are designed to provide researchers and pharmaceutical companies with the tools they need to make informed decisions and accelerate the drug discovery process.
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QuanMol is seeking talented professionals in artificial intelligence, computational chemistry, biology, and related disciplines. Join our team in shaping the future of molecular discovery!