At QuanMol, our dedication is centered on developing cutting-edge, physics-informed deep learning techniques, providing medicinal chemists with real-time molecular insights for next-generation solutions. We're actively recruiting experts in relevant fields, enhancing our team's diversity, creativity, and shared vision to revolutionize pharmaceutical development.

Recruitment Implications

Our company, Quanmol Technology, was founded in 2021 by a team of founders from UC Berkeley, Caltech, Peking University, and Tsinghua University with the goal of building a new generation of interactive molecular design platforms through machine learning. With over 10 million dollars in funding, we are focusing on the interaction of functional organic molecules with biomacromolecules and developing our proprietary QuanMol ReDefine platform. In the proof-of-concept phase, our molecular property prediction engine has achieved chemical precision (1kcal/mol) in many tasks, and we believe that our technology will have a significant impact on R&D efforts across industries. We have formed dozens of research and development teams to develop models and algorithms and established partnerships with companies and universities such as Stanford, Berkeley, and Yale. We are actively recruiting part-time/full-time and collaborative scientists and engineers in artificial intelligence and computational chemistry to join our team.

Please submit your resume to for consideration. We appreciate your interest and look forward to reviewing your application.