Leaders in AI-powered molecular design

QuanMol is a revolutionary company that specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions in molecular design using AI-powered technology. Founded in 2021, and based in the heart of Silicon Valley and Pasadena, we are dedicated to advancing the field of molecular design across industries including medicine, materials, and energy.


The leadership team at QuanMol comprises of accomplished scientists and industry veterans from top-tier research institutes such as UC Berkeley,Caltech, and leading pharmaceutical corporations. With a wealth of academic and industry experience, our founders bring a unique blend of expertise,knowledge and experience to the table, positioning QuanMol at the forefront of AI-powered molecular design. They have worked on the most challenging problems in the field and have been recognized for their groundbreaking contributions to the field. Their vision and leadership have been instrumental in the establishment and success of QuanMol as a leading player in the industry.


Advisors of QuanMol comprise of a distinguished panel of experts from various fields. They include renowned professors from renowned universities such as UC Berkeley and Yale, who bring in a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. Additionally, the company also has industry leaders in both AI and Pharmaceutics, who bring in invaluable industry insights and knowledge, ensuring that the company stays at the forefront of the industry. They provide guidance and support to the team, helping to shape the company's vision and strategy. The combination of academic and industry expertise in our advisory panel ensures that QuanMol stays ahead of the curve in the field of molecular design.