Leaders in AI-powered molecular design

Our company, Quanmol Tech Inc., founded in 2022, stands at the cutting edge of AI-powered small molecule discovery. We are focusing on the interaction of functional organic molecules with biomacromolecules and developing our proprietary QuanMol ReDefine platform, with the commitment to revolutionize the field with advanced platform technologies and interaction-based drug design (IBDD) as the new era of AI-driven small molecule precision design.


QuanMol's leadership team is composed of renowned scientists and experienced industry professionals from leading pharmaceutical corporations and top-tier institutes like UC Berkeley and Caltech. Our founders, possessing rich academic and industrial experiences, bring a unique blend of expertise, knowledge, and insight, which positions QuanMol at the forefront of AI-powered molecular design.


QuanMol's advisory board features esteemed experts in pharmaceutics and AI, providing critical industry insights. Their experience is complemented by academic leaders from renowned universities like UC Berkeley and Yale. This fusion of industry and academic expertise directs our strategic vision, solidifying QuanMol's position as a leader in molecular design innovation.